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Meet Us

Chilltepe is a technology company based in Guatemala city. We enjoy creativeness!

We embrace innovation! and we love all sorts of technology products!

With our expertise and awesomeness, we make a great team! and we always enjoy a good challenge.

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About Us

Chilltepe is a group of friends with a single goal, improve quality of life and of any people by delivering the most innovative technological solutions, using the most appropriate and efficient tools that the market can offer.

Why did we start? Chilltepe was born when 5 friends decided to plan a way to improve a particular need in the Guatemalan population with a free mobile app, this drove all into pursuing a dream of making Chilltepe the best technology company in the region.


Develop with passion and dedication to fulfill the daily life tasks in a simpler way


Be a global software provider of solutions for daily life tasks and have a big impact and influence on social responsibility


Rodrigo Suarez



Douglas Cifuentes

Engineering Director


Luis Morales

Infrastructure Director

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